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. Custom Fields & Tables

. Visualized Sales Funnel

. Powerful Reporting

. Smart Followup Suggestions

. Email & Task Automation

. Unlimited Email Tracking. Inside Gmail too!

  ...& much more!

Customizable for your needs

Very easy to use. No tech skills needed!



Increase your sales using mysalescentral as your intelligent sales platform.

Don't kid yourself, Facebook & Twitter Likes don't pay the bills, actual sales do! 

So, unless your business or organisation does not have any expenses to pay, producing an income is vital.

No matter what kind of business or organisation you're in, ensuring you are building a sales funnel and focussing efforts on closing your deals are critical but still important hurdles faced by many business today - especially SMEs.

This means you never missing leads, nurturing and managing contacts in a personalized way, having easy visual oversight of your pipeline, and driving the necessary actions & tasks to close your deals.

In order to ACHIEVE MORE, evolving from manual & intensive processes (and multiple spreadsheets) is what is needed!


Leverage mysalescentral as your intelligent sales platform to create opportunities to be more efficient and effective.

If you are able to reduce wasted effort from your busy-days and create opportunities for productive work - would this be of benefit to you?

mysalescentral is especially designed to save you time! It includes a number of smart features and in-built automation capabilities to achieve just this, thereby making you more efficient and effective.

As much as spreadsheets are valuable tools in the modern office, its use will lack scalability and the ability to establish an easy central store for collaborative use of that information and automated processes -  including followups & tasks.. 

Businesses and organisations - big and small - can gain huge advantage when it can become data-driven.


mysalescentral is your intelligent sales platform to help overcome some risks.

What happens to leads, prospects or deals in your business or organisation when a salesperson or key resource exits?

Was that person a good samaritan and did not delete data? Did that person diligently hand over all the information and contacts to properly survive their exit?

Maybe!? Who are we kidding! 

What do your leads or customers say (behind your back!) when they are dropped and no one gets back to them nor stays in touch?

What happens when a manager leaves - can your current processes or spreadsheets easily adapt to the change?

These are mere examples of red-flags resulting in added costs and productivity or reputational losses coming to bite you!


 Get Smart Followup Suggestions

Automatically receive follow-up suggestions
mysalescentral will keep track of your conversations with leads.
Whenever there is lack of conversation, you will get a followup reminder.

Bulk Mail - No More Wasting Time Sending Similar Mails

Send emails in bulk to save time. You can also use email templates and not waste time sneing similar emails.
Unlike marketing mails, mysalescentral send bulk mail using your email account. 
So they have highest probability of landing in primary inbox.

Syncs with Your Email.

No Need to Manually Update Your Conversations.

mysalescentral will keep track of your conversations with leads.


Get Unlimited Email Tracking - FOR FREE. Inside Gmail Too!

You can also schedule your email to be delivered at the right time
Get automatic unlimted emai tacking inside of gmail.


Customize the fields you need.

The mysalescentral platform was developed from the ground up with DIY in mind. This means you don't have to spend money to pay a consultant, developer, or database specialist - when you can do-it-yourself.

This platform is for anyone to use! Customize it for your own needs - no matter what type of business or organisation you're in and simply tailor it to the way you work.

Fields & Tables can be customized easily, as you want it. 

Just Drag n' Drop, No database or coding skills required!

Built in and customizable reporting.

Realise the power of becoming a data driven organisation. It's not just for the big guys and you can get it too, easily.

Create reports while in a meeting and take decisions based on facts, not guesses. Measure and improve your own or the team's performance. The mysalescentral reporting function can show your sales performance from different angles and therefore provide you with valuable insights.

Just Drag n' Drop, No database or coding skills required!


Got data already?

We have made Import & Export extremely easy in mysalescentral

Intuitive wizard-driven data import will help quickly bring all your lists of contacts, companies, deals, etc. into a single, accessible central store. Relax, our support team can also help in migration.  

Just Drag n' Drop, No database or coding skills required!



Ideal for any growing business, organisation, entrepreneur, salesperson or start-up wanting to ACHIEVE MORE!
This is also for you too!
Non-Profit & Community Organisations, Charities, Sport Clubs & Organisational Bodies
Flexible and simple affordable pricing
No Catches. No Hidden Fees.
Simple, Easy, DIY Sales Platform.


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